At H.E.H. Paving, Inc. /Atlanta, we take pride in our work. Our employees and associates maintain the highest level of profound professionalism and ethical behavior, on and off the job. In addition, H.E.H. allays all the usual commercial fears by being bonded, carrying only the best insurance, and employing only thoroughly trained professionals to work on specific projects.

Clients come first with this paving company; customers deserve every advantage we can provide, in the way of quality products and services. Every single project/job H.E.H. performs is guaranteed and backed by our personal vow of customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

H.E.H.’s mission is to provide our customers with the highest level of quality paving services at the fairest prevailing competitive market prices. Excellent customer service and client satisfaction make for repeat business and persistent referrals.

Our team employs the use of reasonable timelines, a service-oriented philosophy, attention to detail, and constant, consistent professionalism to stay on our mission course. Integrity, honesty, and fairness in our relationships with clients, suppliers, associates, and subcontractors are a given – it’s the company’s long-standing culture.

Our Vision

Within 5 more years, H.E.H. Paving, Inc. hopes and plans to be recognized as the absolute best small business-sized paving company in the Southeastern United States, in terms of quality performance and industry standards. We are solid community stewards, and hope to add as many as 80-100 more jobs in the immediate 5-year future.

Our Promise

H.E.H. Paving, Inc. has built its respected reputation upon “building superior construction-quality projects, cost-managed solutions, and delivering an overall positive experience – on every project.” Our promise is a good faith commitment to clients that their project is our top priority.

Yes, the satisfaction of our clients is the truest measure of this organization’s success. As a commercial paving company in Atlanta, we provide a company-wide commitment to professional standards of excellence, and consistently deliver quality, safety, and cost-managed solutions on every job or project. This involves trust, and we take it seriously daily. How?

Before the first physical base is laid, from initially speaking with each client, our focus is to develop a positive relationship and add value and expertise via effective communications. We carefully listen, and ask questions. Upon receiving client-input, our H.E.H. team then supplies our own input for consideration. Company and client each have a complete understanding before actual paving work begins.

Our Philosophy

Our H.E.H. Paving, Inc. philosophy amounts to the fact that we stand firmly behind our work, through the moral and ethical principles of honesty and trust. This approach has governed and helped establish our impressive track record over the past two and a half decades.

Unique experience, knowledge, and vision have helped us to always deliver a superior range of paving services/commercial paving services to clients – that surpasses even their highest expectations. We are all about value and win-win situations in business relationships.

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  • Columbia High School
  • Towers High SchooL
  • Southwest High School
  • Morrow High School
  • Shop with a Cop
  • Dekalb County Fraternal order of Police
  • International Brotherhood of Police Officers – Atlanta Police Union
  • Tree of Love – Dekalb Co.
  • Skates-N-Motion
  • and more!


H.E.H. Paving has been on our City's vendors list for many years, completing 200,000 dollars worth of street construction and repairs in just the last several years. H.E.H. Paving has responded in a fair, consistent and expeditious manner. - City of Fairburn
H.E.H. Paving, Incorporated is a trustworthy company that consistently meets all deadlines and has proven to be a valuable resource for technical paving issues. In addition, H.E.H. Paving, Incorporated also provides a quality product which greatly improves the safety and functionality of the grounds at Fulton County Schools. - Fulton County Schools


Owner & Management Team

The management team of Hobson Milner and Herb Williams possesses decades of hands-on managerial experience, implementing a successful business model that has proven to satisfy client paving demands for a quarter of a century.

Under this minority-owned and minority managed leadership, H.E.H. has steadily progressed, grown, and matured into the best commercial paving company in the Atlanta area and beyond. Factually speaking, we are a prominent minority business enterprise that continually raises the standards of professionalism for others.

On-Time Completion

We have the ability to complete our jobs on time even under a time crunch while still making sure we pay attention to details in our work. Under emergency conditions we are able to go at all times with 24 hours notice where other companies may need over a week. We do though work under all conditions except for rain and freezing conditions.

Paving Project Versatility

Our management and labor team is setup in a way to guarantee the quality completion of a wide variety of paving projects, from roadway jobs and pipework projects, to grading and demolition work, and everything in-between.

Time requirements per a given area of square feet are higher on smaller jobs, due to the many details and obstacles that usually must be dealt with and overcome. Naturally, they must be more precision-oriented, and the labor and equipment needs are different than a larger or longer more-basic project. To us the variances in curves, slopes, obstacles, landscapes, appearance, and functional requirements are all a part of our unique ability to always craft final products in practical and artistic manner.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Asphalt Paving * Grading * Demolition * Streets * Walkways * Runways * Long Driveways * Sidewalks * Ramps * Concrete Curbs-Gutters* Roadways * Ramps * Concrete & Asphalt Patching * Concrete Paving * Sectional Replacements * Drainage Systems (parking lot).

Sure, we are known as a commercial paving company, but H.E.H. Paving, Inc. can do jobs of all sizes, due to our efficient logistical formulas and reasonable resource allotment schedules. Let our estimator provide you with a bid soon.


Certifications in the paving business are not just papers in a frame. No way. Certifications represent financial stability, a consistent level of quality service and project completion, and strict compliance with various industry and governmental standards. Certifications take time to earn, and in the industry are assurances of extreme legitimacy.

We have participated in the paving industry for several DECADES, and have the following certifications and client protections:

  • DBE Certified
  • Minority-owned Business
  • GDOT Certified
  • MBE Certified
  • GDOTMBE Certified
  • Licensed
  • Bonded
  • Insured 

Clients deserve legitimacy, and we provide it! Again, professionalism matters.

First-Class Organization

H.E.H. Paving, Inc. is a first-class and first-rate organization. Why? It is clear (obvious) by speaking with our paving staff, seeing our equipment and trucks, and examining our work-ethics that we provide the best services with the best means. Research the body of our work. We welcome that.

Our business is also our craft. We take what we do seriously. Customer satisfaction matters, as do our own standards and reputation. You can bank on the fact that our physical work and paperwork are both done meticulously and diligently.


Both have invaluable experience within the paving industry that exceeds 30 years. The initial objective was to create a sound business model that could satisfy consumer demands on a long term basis. Today H.E.H. Paving Inc. showcases significant growth and has steadily progressed and matured into a prominent minority business enterprise; bonded and insured.

  • Herb Williams – Secretary and Treasurer
    Herb Williams – Secretary and Treasurer

    Herb Williams is well-rounded, a scholar, and was a standout basketball player from Ohio State University. He was drafted 14th in the 1st round of the 1981 NBA Draft (by the Indiana Pacers). Herb also coached for the New York Knicks.

    Mr. Williams has used his extensive knowledge and background to serve as H.E.H. Paving’s Secretary and Treasurer since the Atlanta paving company’s founding in 1988. Herb is particularly adept at issues regarding funding, expansion, and major capital purchases for the business.

    Herb is all about communicating and getting tasks completed correctly, when they should be done. Some people tend to be able to carry that “athletic ideal” and its benefits into the corporate world; he is one of those people!

  • Hobson Milner – President
    Hobson Milner – President

    H.E.H Paving, Inc. President, Hobson Milner, completed his academic career at the University of Cincinnati, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Relations. Early-on, Hobson had the desire to design and operate a first-class paving company.

    The world of business (eventually construction and commercial paving) quickly became Mr. Milner’s avenue to display and employ his expert skill sets and communication talents. It simply fit his aggressively competitive nature, drive for success, and commitment to provide products and services in great demand in a growing region (Atlanta).

    Hobson learned the ins and outs of business operations while working at Paul Lattimore Construction, and later College Park Ready Mix, and established his own company – Milner Brother’s and Associates.

    In 1988, Hobson began to make a more dramatic impact upon the community by organizing and founding H.E.H. Paving, Inc. The Atlanta-based paving company has experienced exponential growth through the years, establishing tremendous respect as a minority-owned and operated business that effectively competes with all regional paving businesses, serving all types of companies/organizations by providing all sizes of projects.

    Hobson Milner has a knack for choosing just the right associates to assist in obtaining his vision for what H.E.H. Paving, Inc. should be and do. Exceptional customer service, 2-way communications, and integrity go a long way in maintaining the highest level of professionalism in the paving industry.